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Subtran is an holding company created in 2001 and proposes subcontracting services for sheet metal work, painting and final assembly. Our fifteen year experience is recognised by our international customers.


100 per cent owns by Subtran, Technotol SAS proposes its services as a subcontractor and works all type of ferrous and non-ferrous material.


100 per cent owns by Subtran, Tecnolak SAS proposes its services as a subcontrator for liquide and powder painting for all type of material.


Subtran is a holding created in 2001 after the acquisition of 100 per cent of the shares of the SAS Technotol and of 100 per cent of the shares of the SAS Tecnolak.
Subtran and its subsidiary companies propose an integrated unique solution of industrial subcontracting for sheet metal work, painting and surface preparation, prototyping and final assembly; the Subtran group can also propose the integration of the operations of wiring, final assembly, packaging and shipment of product on customer request. The experience gained during more than 15 years brings to the various companies of the group, a recognized skill by our international customers.
The strategy of development carried out over the 3 last years allowed Subtran and its subsidiary companies to reinforce their position on the market of subcontracting.
This policy of growth will be reinforced during the next years while integrating into the Subtran group new production plants in Europe or in the Eastern European countries.
Subtran group remains open to its customer requests and proposals in order to grant the quality of product and services required at the international level.


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